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Air Seal and Insulate Your Basement

Cool air sinks, so the foundation walls are where cold air will try hardest to enter your home. This is what causes the basement to be the coldest part of most people’s homes. Make sure you only air seal and insulate around the walls, where cold outside air comes in, and not the basement ceiling.

Replacing Your Furnace or Boiler

Replacing mechanical equipment is generally cost-effective only when your old equipment is in poor condition. Before you replace this expensive piece of equipment, think about other, cheaper ways to make your home more energy efficient like air sealing and insulation.

Federal Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Renewed!

Some of the most popular federal income tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements have been renewed for 2011. While the new credits are smaller than the 2010 credits, they still provide a great incentive for homeowners to make needed upgrades.

The 2011 tax credits return 10% of the cost of certain heating, cooling, and building envelope improvements, up to $ 500, with these exceptions: